Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good Ol' Detroit Scumfuckin'

One of the nicest guys I've ever dealt with via U.S. mail was fellow GG Allin fan Skeeter Rider - some might remember him as one of the first audience guests to stand up (and give ol' J.C. props!) during GG's infamous appearance on the Jerry Springer Show. Alongside running the definitive GG Allin Mailorder, Skeeter also sang lead vocals for Michigan rockers Vomitose - monikered in honor of the ex-band primitively tattooed on GG's chest. Also featuring Jay from Wheelchair Motherfuckers and Dan and Ted of Soiled Betty, the "new" Vomitose (seemingly still around per their website) planned to record some hand-selected tunes with GG during the summer of 1993 for a retrospective CD. As typical luck would have it, the recording session never came to fruition ("too bad Mark Hejnar picked him up from jail") and GG was dead by the end of August. Per Skeeter, the "tunes were still fresh in our heads so we said 'let's go ahead and record 'em anyway'" which they did New Years Day 1994. What you get are 13 tracks spanning GG's career covered by a band who obviously loved what they were playing. The cassette was remastered and officially pro-dubbed later in 1994 but this is the raw, original version complete with tape hiss and hilariously bad between-song samples. With an exclusive 5-minute interview between Skeeter and GG to finish it all up. What a great record and big thanks Skeeter for all the great merchandise over the years. And I am happy to report that he is still at it - check out his massive webstore here.

In case anyone's interested, the original Vomitose supposedly consisted of Jeff Collins (guitar), Jeff Standford (guitar), Brent Dupont (drums), Matt Lane (bass) and GG (screaming animal) and never got around to really doing anything. Allin claimed they were together for about 10 minutes while Bloody F. Mess recalled GG "beat them up" after a brief stay in his Hated In The Nation #2 zine. Check out the only artwork I've seen actually acknowledging the band (thank you Mr. Mess) here.

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