Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rapin' Your Wallet

One of the lousier posthumous GG Allin bootlegs on the market, 1994's Rapin' The Vault serves up some then-rare stuff which has mostly been re-released more legitimately in years since. First up is 1977's hilarious Malpractice single, 2 cheesy tracks of oversexed poppy bar rock ("Love Tunnel" and "Devil's Triangle" - catch a theme here?) featuring the future scumfuc on drums and brother Merle on bass. Next up is a hilarious radio show outtake (?) from October '86 featuring David Peel and the Lower East Side, Howie Zowie and a couple other folks (Steve Dasinger?, Loose Bruce?) jamming out some riotous acoustic tunes in pure scumfuc fashion. From what I can gather, it was recorded while GG was in NYC gearing up for his infamous Cat Club show that weekend (he mentions having the notorious bar of Ex-Lax) as well as cutting his Hated In The Nation tracks with the New York Superscum. GG comes off sloppy and sleazy, his fresh New Hampshah accent is in full swing as he tries to throw every scatalogical comment in the book at the mic. I guess he was trying to pump himself up - "when my daughtah gets to be ten I'm gonna fuck her" - wow. A few rehearsal tracks with the Texas Nazis before the epic Boozing And Pranks show (Dallas 1985) are next, purists will recognize them from the über rare self-released Sing Along Love Songs tape. Some live tracks from the 1986 "Pete's Basement Bash" Peoria, IL show (which would eventually show up on Insult & Injury Volume 2 - The Bloody Years) follow. Rounding out the cassette is the Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be radio ad most of us first heard on Dirty Love Songs followed by a bunch of GG and the Jabbers live stuff from 1982. While the liner notes say it's culled from shows in New York and Boston it's only half-right; in actuality the songs are ripped from 1982's Tasteless Animal Noise cassette featuring live sets from Club Merrimac (Merrimac, NH), the Living Room (Providence, RI), the Channel (Boston, MA) and the West Haven Dump (West Haven, CT) all strung together into one “complete” show (once again I think this eventually made it out on another Insult & Injury release). If this all sounds tantalizing, let me warn you that the quality is awful. Source material was probably third or fourth-generation tapes (rough in quality to begin with) and the limitations really show. According to the press release, Rapin' The Vault was digitally mastered on a DAT Deck - really? Because I usually spend a lot of money to digitally master something only to showcase it on a bargain basement TDK D60 cassette complete with a xeroxed paper cover (maybe someone from Milkbag Productions can prove me wrong but I won't hold my breath). Don't be fooled, this compilation is the pinnacle of riding the postmortem wave and while there are some laughs here and there I still can't believe I shelled out $8 for it.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have the rehearsal record with the Texas Nazi's on its entirety?
Sing Along Love Songs/Rapist tape?

I have been looking for it years and I'm glad that this upload had the few songs from it but I would be more than happy, if I could get the rest too.

winston95 said...

I will dig around - may have a 100th generation cassette of it somewhere...

Anonymous said...


Nice website! I'm a huge GG fan and have pretty much everything but wanted to thank you for the 'Rapin' The Vault' cassette. That one I knew about, but didn't have. After downloading I realised I had all the material on it already apart from Scumfuc Tradition which isn't on the Texas Nazi rehearsal tape. So thanks for that! Do you trade DVD-R's or CD-R's? Keep up the good work.

Cheers! Al