Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dutch Shade Of Soul

When I wrote up the Limbomaniacs blurb a couple weeks ago I couldn't help thinking "whatever happened to Brussels' Urban Dance Squad?" Of course we all remember them from their quasi-hit "Deeper Shade Of Soul" back in the early 90's but was that it?? Evidently not, I was one of the few who got their next album, Life 'N' Perspectives Of A Genuine Crossover which was actually more memorable for its create-your-own sticker art cover then the music. Yeah, it was fun and they had a bit of a hit with "Crossover" but better bands were beginning to hijack their already stolen style and run away with it (hellooooo 2 Skinnee J's). Anyways, here's a promo CD of a couple tracks from the aforementioned album that completists may be interested in - enjoy.

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