Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mechanisms Of Modern Life

Thank you Sebaxxxtian for getting me out of my month-long post vacuum - the vocalist/bassist from Argentina's incredible 3-piece Asilo kindly dropped me a link to their new release, a split CD with Chilean noisecore freaks Fracción George Best. Another slab of pounding sludge crust, Asilo simply destroys everything in front of them, a few pics from their last gig:

The guys are currently looking for some U.S. label support (check out their Bandcamp page for more info) so if anyone out there can help 'em out, please do so. I for one am definitely looking forward to future stuff from what is fast becoming one of my favorite bands.

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Anonymous said...

hey nate, just to say thank you for yr post, the split cd has no name, there are only 2 songs each band. nowasays we are participating in two samplers, one from argentina, the other from ecuador.

take care!