Saturday, October 8, 2011

R.I.P. Krug Stilo

Man, what a drag it was to hear David Hess passed away on Saturday. Not only was he the lead villain in two of my favorite movies (Last House On The Left and the incredible House On The Edge Of The Park) but he was an accomplished musician who composed one of my favorite horror flick soundtracks (the aforementioned House... er... Last House). And he seemed like a cool guy to boot; enthusiastic over his cult stardom, a horror convention regular, never one to turn down a fan. There's already a wealth of info online regarding his early days as a songwriter for Elvis and Mercury Records A&R rep so I thought I'd skip all that and upload two albums of his - the soundtrack to Last House and his 2001 release Caught Up In The Moment. LHOTL is an amazing album, it reeks like a bad acid trip, full of post-60's influence but way way darker - the untitled "Road Leads To Nowhere"' ditties are almost suicidally bleak. "Ice Cream Song" could easily be used today as some random commercial ditty for Old Navy. "Sadie And Krug" is a wonderful polka-ish tune in the ilk of Zappa's "Jewish Princess" - and the full songs at the end of the album could have easily passed on some random England Dan & John Ford Coley LPs without turning a head. Caught Up In The Moment isn't always my cup of tea, some of the songs are a bit cheesy on the symbolism ("Animal Dreams" for one) to the point that you could imagine Trey Parker singing them. But he is easily redeemed with the hilarious "High" (my personal fave), "Vagabond" and "Nice Girl" - all which dip into the welcome territory of of his 70's sound. Actually, to any Ween fans who read this - he is on par with Chris Harford's music if that means anything to anyone. Anyways, check him out, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. You passed too early Dave, thanks for the memories and the music.

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