Thursday, September 6, 2012

Get Liquified...

Late 2000, Roadrunner Records was sitting on a cash cow with Slipknot, so they quickly jumped on the bandwagon by signing any band which could be pigeonholed into the reigning nü metal/rapcore fad. Helloooooo Phoenix, AZ locals Disclocated Styles. Having just released an uneven, self-produced LP entitled Elevator Music (rather rap-heavy in a Quarishi type of way), the boys jumped onto the majors and recorded Pin The Tail On The Honkey within six weeks, rehashing a half-dozen tunes from their debut along with some new material. So what's the vedict? Well... let's just say I was expecting something a tad more... uh... heavy. It's not that Honkey is bad at all, it's just that I guess I had Slipknot or Sepultura on the brain when I bought it. Looking back at the album title now the goofiness doesn't surprise me in the least, but back then I wasn't so miserably jaded about every band I've never heard of. Anyways, in a nutshell, Dislocated Styles pretty much sounds like a more sophomoric Phunk Junkeez or Zebrahead; doing research for this post I discovered that Honkey's producer cut a few albums with Zebrahead so there ya go! It's all pretty upbeat and listenable - the music really isn't  the problem, it's the song subject matter. It is just... so... how do I say this... fucking retarded! I'm sure it was all conceived in fun but some of the songs seem like they were written by (and for) fucking 10-year olds. "Online Virus"? I mean really? And "Liquified" sounds like the kind of shit pre-alcoholic highschoolers would brag to each other after a weekend kegger. And of course there's the token porno-worship song "Wet Video". It goes on and on. Fun? Yeah, but be warned, this is some stupid ass shit.

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