Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Oxygen Destroyer must not be used!

An amazing compilation fittingly released on the 35th anniversary of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, Destroysall is a colossal tribute album showcasing a slew of sludge genre legends as well as some hardcore bands to keep it somewhat upbeat. Mammoth opens the CD with an almost ambient track followed by a nearly prog-metal entry by Cleveland's Terminal Lovers. Ohio noise purveyors Sloth offer a sample-heavy slab of noise metal, next up is Hangnail's "Invasion of the Neptune Men" - a tight 90 seconds of japcore followed by the suitably named Gigantasaurus! and their 8-minute marathon entry of sludge. Leon Grizzard plays a cool stoner style jam, Fistula churns out an epic track of screaming doom sludge, dot(.) follows with a similarly plodding, thunderous style while Negative Reaction's entry (easily the coolest song on the album) blurs the line between sludge and stoner for another 8 minutes. Awesome stuff. Rounding out the album are Rwake, Patheticism and Leviathan A.D. with more miserable sludge, Third Degree Burnout spits out some sludgecore which borders on grunge while the Crunky Kids (yeah - another Ohio band!) offer one more spastic slab of hardcore before the cool closer by Solace - an instrumental noise rock jam that flows in and out of psychedelia until the trickling finale. A fitting album to get you to revisit that dusty DVD box set in your collection. Enjoy.

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