Sunday, November 14, 2010


To my dismay, Boston's excellent nü-metal outfit Reveille broke up in 2002, a split spawned from the typical "creative differences" that left a (recorded?) third album on the shelf. Soon after, however, vocalist Drew Simollardes and guitarist Greg Sullivan got back together to create Genuflect. Boasting a sound similar to their previous band, Genuflect released Rough Mix Demo in 2005, a septet of songs planned for their future album, 2007's The End Of The World ("Move" doesn't seem to have made the cut so it's an exclusive on this album). In my opinion the tunes sound much better then anything that made it onto World, they are raw, underproduced and angry.  A little more rap then metal but still listenable - I doubt Genuflect will ever put out a record as good as Reveille released but you can't have everything I guess.

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Anonymous said...

"Move" actually was reworked for the album, it became "Kill Shot" :)

winston95 said...

Heh, I guess that shows how many times "End Of The World" has graced my turntable... derp.