Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hello, I Hate You

Probably A.C.'s tightest fifteen minutes, a blistering snapshot of the band's crossover from old-school blur to a more palatable grindcore. Well-produced and loud, it sounds far better then that 1995's muddy Everyone Must Be Killed, which this E.P. was actually the demo for. Since most A.C. stuff is pretty much anywhere you look on the internet, I thought I'd instead upload the annoying-to-find "pregap" bonus track found on Relapse's 10th anniversary re-release of the album. It's a perfectly ironic 'Cunt cover of the Doors' "Hello, I Love You," recorded for some Relapse compilation back in the day which I'm not sure ever saw the light of a jewel case. It ripped OK and I tried to get the levels consistent with the rest of the album, so enjoy. Interesting side note, then-guitarist John Kozik was out with kidney stones when Morbid Florist was recorded so Seth and Tim overdubbed the whole album as a 2-piece. As of now, they're still the only members in the band. Just sayin'.

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