Monday, December 6, 2010


Per their Myspace page: "Since 1992 Bile has been a festering globule of audio terrorism; A bastardized synthesis of subversive values and deviant sophistication completely devoid of the mainstream pop culture." Fueled by his disillusionment with thrash metal bands, lead singer Krztoff released Suckpump in 1994, the first audial assault from his ultimate "anti-band". It created quite a buzz in the band's hometown of NYC and the band continues to chug along "under the radar and off the grid" over fifteen years later with some significant notoriety under their belt ("banned from major American cities, cancelled tours, hotels ablaze, military smoke bombs, electrocution, tornadoes during NYC S&M block parties, arrests, denied access abroad or re-entry, prescription drug use, wrongly attacked by the ACT UP anti-violence to gays coalition, a Cherry Coke radio commercial, deaths, etc.") Yow. With all that being said, I can't get past considering Bile much more than just a poor-man's Ministry. It's the same socio-political vitriol in front of guitar-heavy industrio-metal, just sounding like it was recorded in a garage. Still, Bile was way ahead of most of the Al Jourgensen clones out there during the 90's and Suckpump holds its own to this day. If you dig it, check out 1996's Teknowhore as well - solid shit.

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