Friday, October 9, 2015

Lo-fi lovers unite...

As raw as they come these days, the Kent, UK three-piece calling themselves Sorg stumbled late into my bandcamp search results long after I had expected to discover anything worthwhile. Vaguely reminding me of the Fuckheads and/or any other bunch of pissed-off guys projecting their pent-up rage towards the world/job/girlfriend/parent/whatever via a musical instrument, the shit is pissed off and groovy to listen to. The band claims to play a mixture of black metal/sludge/powerviolence/hardcore and I'd agree with genres 2 and 4 - I'm bereft to to find the black metal connection here and I still don't really know what the fuck "powerviolence" is. My favorite song is easily "Sludge Cunt" (Yes! The best song name in the world!), a tune that totally reminds me of Loinen or Usko or some weird black Finnish sludgecore band. Am I digressing? Absolutely worth a listen. 

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