Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Polish Grind


Hailing from Białystok, Poland comes the long-lived Dead Infection. Chastised as Carcass clones back in the early 90's (c'mon be fair... Carcass had waaaay better production and avoided DI's weird broken English song titles) Dead Infection's debut full-length still holds its own in a sea of GarageBand "ree-ree" goregrind clones. I never would have thought when I got this CD from Relapse Records back in 1993 I'd still be listening to their new stuff almost 20 years later. I'm sure the band's line-up has changed as many times as they've had releases, and Surgical Disembowelment isn't going to impress everyone but it's obvious the guys from Białystok were into what they were doing and it shows. Of course it sounds like it was recorded in a wind tunnel with mics wrapped in cheese cloth but that's another story...

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