Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Suck It Suck It Suck It Suck It Suck It Suck It


The first time I heard of GG Allin was an issue of Maximum Rock 'N' Roll back in my 9th grade TV Production class (yes, I was an A/V geek); my buddy Keith was showing off an interview with him that had enough "fucks", "shits" and "clits" to pique anyone's interest, especially a burgeoning vulgarian like myself. The interview was both hilarious and ridiculous, I could not believe what I was reading and blew it off as a joke. Keith would not be outdone, in a day or two he passed on to me a sloppily recorded cassette and my musical life would never be the same. The album was 1985's Eat My Fuc, GG's incredible opus to obscenity which not only sounds like it was recorded on a tape deck but probably would have sounded better if it had been. "Hard Candy Cock", "Clit Licker"... I mean c'mon, what was a 13-year old to think? I was an instant fan. Luckily, I lived 20 minutes outside of NYC, one of the few places in the country (other than Boston, I guess) that you could find his stuff at the time, a short trip for a GG fix. There went the lunch money. I stayed a big fan of his stuff throughout the 80's - the sleazier the better - capping off with '89's incredible Suicide Sessions. I didn't buy into the eventual "GG Allin Mission" and his quasi-political stance against the music industry; while admirable at times, it seemed to eventually swallow him (and his image) up. I felt the music suffered as well - I'll always maintain that it's a lot more fun listening to "Cock On The Loose" then "I Pledge Allegiance To Disobedience". Anyways, Eat My Fuc is a real treat, a lo-fi snapshot into the life of a total musical outcast who was (believably) content to do it for no one but himself. A highlight is the "Live At A7 Club In NYC" (playing with the defunct Jabbers) as he gets lauded and jeered at the entire time - yet still leaves 'em wanting more with an "OK, we'll be back". RIP GG.

Oh, by the way... for the ultimate reference guide to early 80's G.G., check out Terminal Boredom's incredibly thorough articles... Part 1 and Part 2. Fantastic stuff.

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