Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Hit Wonders (that never had a hit)

Who knows if anyone out there has ever heard of (or cares about) the old school New York rappers Mike Ski and Raven T, known collectively as the Dismasters. Up until the internet, I knew them only by their song "Small Time Hustler," a track I accidentally recorded off some random freestyle radio rap show in highschool. I loved the tune but my cassette ran out before the DJ named the band. Fast forward a few decades, one day the lyrics popped into my head, googled them and voilà. Thank you internet, within a second I knew who the band was; thank you Discogs, within a week I had the 12" record in my hand. Wow, not only the song I remember but the instrumental and a cappella versions too! The record has another track, "You Must Be Crazy (Brutus)" which is fine but instantly forgettable. Who cares, I got what I wanted. And now you can too.

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