Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What We Need Is.....


Back in my industrial days when I was buying up everything that had Al Jourgensen's name attached to it, I picked up this 3-track self-grandiose debut by Lard. I had seen the cover hundreds of times before, that annoying lamprey staring out at me from the Sam Goody CD racks, just never got around to dropping $10 for it. What a mistake. Dead Kennedy's frontman Jello Biafra on vocals, Al and Paul Barker (Ministry's primary honchos) on guitar and bass respectively, and Jeff Ward (NIN, Revolting Cocks, etc.) on drums elevated Lard to true indie supergroup status. While it sounded nothing like what I expected, I can't imagine it sounding any different. Ranging from industrial-ish thrash to strange rockabilly-ish be-bop to acid-laden drudgery (the 32-minute "Time To Melt" is absolutely mesmerizing), the Power Of Lard EP is essential in everyone's collection. They've got a few other albums out there but this is definitely my fave.

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