Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why I think it's booty...

Man, it's been a while since my sorry ass posted anything. Been busy with nothing so what better way to return to form than with hip-hop legend and blog favorite Kool Keith. Continuing in the tradition of 1997's epic Sex Style, Spankmaster finds the Bronx wordsmith back in familiar territory - tricky tongue-twisting dirty rap to amaze and offend. "Eldaradoe's" and "Maxin In The Shade" harken the grooves of the old Kut Masta Kurt days, while "N.B.A" sinister flow would have fit perfectly on any of Dr. Octagon's records. "Jealous" is probably my favorite track; a sluggish, classic old-school boast where Keith disses the industry, focusing especially on DJ Funkmaster Flex. There are a few forgettable "guest" rappers on the record which he could have done without but all in all a huge return to form for Keith in the new millenium.

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