Wednesday, February 4, 2015


The first release from the prolific Athens, GA duo Jucifer. Recorded in the rundown home of band members Amber Valentine and Edgar Livengood in 1994 and locally distributed via cassette (exact quantities unknown), the recording eventually made its way to Grindcore Karaoke Records and got mastered by AxCx/AgN vet Scott Hull (if anyone wants the first-person recount it's available here). While their newer stuff suffers from overproduction (especially their forgettable foray with Relapse Records), Nadir is the absolute essence of the doom sludge genre. Exactly what I want from a band. Sounding like a lo-fi 4-track bastard mix of Otesanek and whatever Eyehategod clone you're listening to, the five dronish doom tracks reek of alcohol and dirt with vocals straight from the mutant Agent Orange baby in Combat Shock. Just the drums alone make me want to smash shit. Awesome stuff, this is what bands like Soilent Green aspire to. Enjoy.

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