Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'm Glad Sid's Dead (part II)

Here's the 12-track Peorian demo that never made it past overdubbed Mormon propaganda tapes way back in 1985. Showcasing the power chord chops of Harry Homo, Bud Wiser and Rubberneck; lead singer Bloody F. Mess caterwauls through a feedback-laden 15 minutes with admirable psychosis. It's better than anything he's released since, which isn't saying a whole lot but I really dig the trash punk vibe Bloody oozes, a whole lot more than the pseudo-country shtick he champions now. You gotta love "Skinheads Suck" - especially when Bloody ends it with a truthfully guttural "I hate this record". Of course this demo was completely overshadowed by the phenomenon that became GG Allin (he evidently "produced" this masterpiece in a lame name-drop to sell a few more copies) and the friendship that engulfed the two punksters launched a notoriety all itself. Still, if it weren't for Bloody booking the gigs and egging the ol' scumfucker on for the "Hated In The Nation '85" tour who knows if GG would have ever started shitting on stage with any regularity (ha!) or made it to Dallas for the infamous Twilight Room gig. Regrettably, Hate got lost in the fecal shuffle and Bloody wouldn't surface with another steady band until the Skabs in 1990. Enjoy.

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