Thursday, February 9, 2012

OK, OK, time for a change of pace...

Back in 1992, Princeton native Chris Harford and his band the First Rays Of The New Riding Sun (Hendrix influence anyone?) was about to hit it big. His debut album Be Headed was dropping on Elektra Records and with that comes all the riches and royalty a major-label musician expects to imbibe. Twenty years and eight indie albums later, most of the world outside of New Jersey still has yet to be introduced to the man who called his debut album a "major label record which vanished into the system like the black hole of the industry will do to so many a band. Someday there will be some great jams that will emerge from that black hole." Remember what the music world in 1992 was... without a supporting video, Be Headed was dead on arrival. Yet Harford forged ahead, convincing Elektra to sign Ween (the boys Boognish were only too happy to contribute voice and guitar to his debut record - other guest appearances include Richard Thompson, The Proclaimers, and Toshi Reagon) and emerging post-contract as a songwriter with more ideas then most major labels are comfortable with - an guitarist who can pick up fresh with other artists to create music spanning genres. For me, Be Headed is like a pistachio: hard open and close; soft inside. The opener "Raise The Roof" is a tight track of bluesy rock and the dénouement "Sing, Breathe And Be Merry" is a touching, harmonic revelry in optimism. Completely opposite of most of the shit I tend to listen to, the rest of the album works, albeit somewhat disjointedly but fuck it, I dig it. Check out what Chris is doing here. Enjoy.

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