Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reagan Der Führer

Felt nostalgic the other evening and threw Suburbia into the ol' Sony. Once you get past the godawful acting skills of everyone but the 2-year old who gets torn apart by a doberman at the film's beginning you'll discover a pretty cool snapshot of the early 80's L.A. punk scene. Imagine The Decline Of Western Civilization as a fictional film and you basically got it. Regardless, the best scene is when some prissy rich-bitch gawker gets assaulted at a show all the while Orange County legends D.I. are playing. Dug this one out of the archives for a fresh listen, this is the '87 re-release with a bunch of unnecessary bonus cover tunes (Gary Glitter?!?! - come the fuck on...) but you'll still fucking dig it. Enjoy.

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