Friday, November 7, 2014

Green Ball Crew

One of the cooler experiences I've had in my rather dull life is knowing the guys in the Bouncing Souls - all the while my dumb ass had absolutely no idea they were in the the aforementioned seminal funky punk band. Until it was too late that is and they had hit 287 South to the bright township lights of New Brunswick. Most of the guys were two grades ahead of me and I knew of them fleetingly until I snagged a job at a local pizza shop where Brian (bass) put in work making extra cash on the side. Pete (guitarist) was one year ahead of me in school and we shared some classes - he was always a nice ass guy - I only wish I had had the slightest inkling that he played guitar. Once the above EP hit Cheap Thrills Records I had my "no shit.... really?" moment - and I never saw any of the guys again. I kept up with the band through a few of my coworkers who stayed in touch and was really into a few of their earlier CDs. I actually used to have a copy of their '89 demo as well... long gone though or I would have uploaded that. While I haven't been back to NJ or bought a new Souls album in years I am happy to hear the boys are still doing their thing. Enjoy.

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