Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vinnie Paz & Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind

Alright fuckers - done with the lo-rent death metal - at least for a post or two. Straight outta Philly comes the first hip-hop record since 1994's Niggamortis that has raised a dry smile on my mug since the golden age of rap ended. Sounding a heckuva lot like the Gravediggaz (especially "Books Of Blood"), Jedi Mind Tricks keep it lo-fi without completely sounding like they are recording on a couple of 18-D battery ghetto blasters. Some of the "guest" rappers are a tad weak - who the fuck are the Lost Children Of Babylon? - but it all works overall. While the duo would eventually focus on more politically-charged shit, this first LP is a refreshing amalgam of science, history and tongue-twisting pop culture vocabulary. Amazingly the guys, while changing members over the decades, have stayed completely independent throughout - selling their records with a heard-earned swap-meet mentality, and their success speaks for itself. En-fucking-joy.

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