Thursday, May 19, 2016

Gutrot Hogfrenzy

Wow, has it really been a decade since Regurgitate released their last full-length? Sad times indeed. Once assiduous kingpins of Relapse Records' goregrind catalog, the Swedish three-piece ostensibly dropped off the map after 2006’s Sickening Bliss, releasing only a handful of 7" splits over the next few years. A satisfying blend between the more ridiculous groovy gurgle-core of their early days and the more technical, straightforward grindcore of 2004's Deviant, Sickening Bliss rarely gets tiring. Pitch-shifting through the two subgenres in both vocals and guitars, it is full of enough manic blastbeats, stop-start riffage and bile-gargling vocal modifiers to keep most fans interested. Personal highlights include the absolutely sick breakdown bridge in "Cavernous Sores" and definite throwback to their old school days with "Excremental Ingestment". And finally a RGTE song you can sing along to... "(We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum" – the title of which they just repeat over and over. For what it's worth, most websites still regard the band as "Active" so hopefully there will be some new material in the future… until then the 25 minute-or-so goregrind blasts of Sickening Bliss have stayed as fucking sick and refreshing as they did so long ago. Enjoy.

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