Saturday, May 22, 2010

SOUNDS LIKE: A Broken Record Player Going Down A Clogged Toilet

Can you really criticize a one-man noisecore band who names an album 42 Shitnoise Blasts? I guess it's kinda tough to demand your money back, I mean, what could you argue you were expecting? Regardless, welcome to the world of Zombie Militia, solo project of Ohio's Justin Barger. We all know the drill: overdo the bass on the blastbeat drum program, über-gain the guitar into a wall of noise, spit out some "grrrs" once a second into the vocal EFX processor. And then up the EQ levels on everything for the final mix. There ya go, 551 songs. For what it's worth, Zombie Militia has taken what groups like 7MON and End Of Silence did with an entire band and condensed it down into a DIY operation. And he's been doing it since 2006. It's only listenable for a few minutes but it's still somewhat hypnotizing. You can also check out his official download page for more feces-spraying nuggets then your ears will be able to take. Trust me.

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