Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tel-Aviv Grind

Whorecore formed in early 2003 out of the ashes of Lehavoth and Aborted, quickly becoming one of Israel's top death/grind/crust acts. 2006's Protection (sweetly produced by ANb's Scott Hull) is an amazing album, perfectly blurring the boundaries between death metal and cybergrind. Angry and aggressive (with a couple Pantera grooves to boot), each song is a keeper. With the glut of bands out there doing the same formulaic shit it is so refreshing to finally find one that sounds somewhat different without straying too far from the genre. I guess for a while the band changed its name to They:Swarm (releasing a good, though not as good, five-song EP), although I've read they're now back to Whorecore. Whatever. While they figure out the semantics, check out this amazing album then do the right thing and buy it!!!

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