Thursday, July 1, 2010

And If That Ain't Enough...

No sooner had I published the previous post that I discovered another Anal Cunt rarity in the haven't-listened-to-in-a-while department, a rip of a couple cassettes furnished to me by Ohio noizegeek Steveggs back in the mid-90's. Himself the founder of a couple noize bands including Minch and Nut Screamer, the reason we got in touch escapes me, though I'll best-guess that it was related to horror video trading. Regardless, through whatever correspondence/business we had, the topic of A.C. arose and in the mail the cassettes came. The recordings feature A.C.'s 1991 tour with Incantation from Rhode Island down through Texas - some of the shows made it onto A.C.'s Live E.P. but these here are raw, unedited versions. Recorded by Incantation's buddy/roadie(?) Roy Fox, the sound quality varies across the six shows but all in all it's not too bad. There are also some pretty cool rehearsals (to which the band obviously objects to being taped) as well as a couple interviews with Seth. Lastly, a hilarious interview (i.e. someone recording people talking in a van) with A.C. and the Meat Shits' Robert Deathrage. Awesomely offensive stuff, you can barely hear Seth and the guys laughing along because it's really Robert running the show. Recorded right after his seminal Ecstasy Of Death was released, the guy doesn't leave any stone unturned. What a riot of vulgarity.

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