Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A couple nuggets...

Well, ever since the Richmond mayor closed downtown's Alley Katz in early June (bullshit tax code violations) there's been a void of good hardcore shows coming to the city. Most notably, the heralded Anal Cunt show last Friday which had the plug quietly pulled at the last second. No reschedule, no venue switch, no nothin'. What a fucking drag. And I guess the day before guitarist Josh Martin was kicked out of the band (so it's now a two-piece) but that's another story. Well what can ya do but go back and revisit some of the rarities from a band that invented a genre but will never see the respect they deserve. First on the list is the "Stayin' Alive" single from 1994's Top 40 Hits. Probably what I'd consider the band's first significant step away from the 20-minutes-of-blur repertoire (yeah, I know Everybody Must Be KILLED had 50 or so "songs" but it's really all the same ol' blur given song titles mixed in with some new blur), the single has a few tracks from the album as well a bonus track. Titled "Schnauf", it's a take on Tear For Fears' "Shout" and is probably(?) a goof on Germany's Schnauf Records who at the time was releasing A.C.-clone Anal Massaker's stuff. And the album cover is absolutely priceless. Following that IS the 20-minutes-of-blur we all know and love from A.C.'s Very Rare Rehearsal From February 1989 CD. Who knows if they were preparing for a show or simply practicing, it's a great look back to the early days of the band. Interestingly, to those critics who call such music "talentless noise" or whatever, the rehearsal shows how tight the band had to be to pull the whole thing off. Seth's liner notes on the CD are almost touching, he speaks with a real sense of nostalgia to the days when A.C. was fun and everyone was best friends, before the drugged-out mess it became. Enjoy.

Grind                                                       Blur

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