Saturday, June 19, 2010

Whatever happened to Vaginal Massaker?

I'll admit it, I ordered this 7" from Ax/ction Records back in 1993 solely for the name of the band on the front cover - Vaginal Massaker. A big sucker for an absolutely forgettable band with a somewhat sleazy name. Who would have thought it was the B-side band I would become a huge fan of - still to this day! I speak of Sweden's legendary Regurgitate whose 4 minutes of grindcore nonsense had me instantly hooked. Groundbreaking purveyors of the now all-to-common "gurgle" lyrics, Regurgitate blast through their six tracks with speed, venom and lots of tape hiss. One of the more unusual things about this recording are the somewhat standard song titles Regurgitate uses, unlike nearly all of their other recordings which seem to come from an infectious disease dictionary, these are much more tame and possibly political(?) tracks. Maybe they were testing the waters, after all this was their first non-demo release. Regardless, it's still the sick Regurgitate sound we have all grown to know, love and rip off. Sadly, until I get my records back we'll have to make due with a pretty good 160 kbps rip I made some years ago... until then Cheers fellas and Yyyaaaaaah!!!!

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