Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yeah... I Sweat A Lot...

Y'know that handful of albums you were once so into, but for whatever reason you don't listen to any more? Yet still hold on to? The ones you break out once every five years, listen to straight through (knowing every lyric, chord change, nuance, etc.), then put back away? This is one of those. Junior year in college, I was all about Faith No More. Seeing them live, any appearance on TV, getting all those retarded CD-singles with an outtake or demo or live track, etc. etc. Immensely better then The Real Thing and (somewhat unsurprisingly) rejected by the MTV-brainwashed public, Angel Dust easily holds its own nearly 20 years after its release. Way, way, WAY ahead of its time, it really shows that Mike Patton had his finger jammed up the ass of the music world. Post-metal funk, alternative, anti-grunge, rock nonsense - whatever genre you want to try and classify it - listening to this album literally transports me back to the tiny shithole apartment I lived in. Christ, I can even remember the smell of stale beer and bongwater that stained the piss-yellow carpets. What a year that was and what a fucking album. Fitting for this blog's 100th post.

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