Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm a nerd, word

Oh man, do I feel like a dork for this post! First disclaimer: NO, I am not into ICP. Well, at least currently. I'll admit I was one of the suckers (and evidently there were millions else of you so point that finger at yourself too) that was drawn into the whole Disney/Hollywood Records vs. Insane Clown Posse's The Great Milenko drama back in 1997. Before that album finally got released, ICP shit out this admirable compilation mixing together twenty songs from their back catalog with various clips, prank phone calls, etc. I was one of those who had never actually heard the band so this seemed like a good start. To be honest, I liked it (and still do). The songs are edited down and the album moves along pretty smoothly. Some of the older stuff is a bit painful to listen to and I probably would have liked the band more if they just weren't so.... goofy?! Just too cartoonish for me. Funny, yeah in a Bushwick Bill type of way, but just not my style - I'm more of a Texas Chainsaw than Return Of The Living Dead type of guy. But then again, they do call themselves "Clowns" so did I not know what I was getting into? Buyer beware, huh? Who was to know that the Detroit boys would still be going strong over a decade later but would become such agonizing caricatures of themselves it's almost painful to watch. And listen to. Oh well, they're still gods in their own strange Wicked Clown/Juggalo/Faygo/whatever clique I guess so good for them. And Violent J's girlfriend is pretty hot.

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