Thursday, July 21, 2011

It Ain't Rape If It's Dead...

I'm probably one of the ten people out there who liked the Bloodhound Gang in their Use Your Fingers days - a snotty duo rapping Star Wars references over generic but funky 4-track beats. Shit, they got Rip Taylor to intro their album for chrissakes! Back then the band was primarily Jimmy Pop Ali and Daddy Long Legs (he's the mohawked guy sticking his tongue out on the cover); after Use Your Fingers completely bombed, Long Legs blamed Columbia Records and bailed. Bloodhound Gang reformed with different members a year later and went on to solidify themselves in rap rock history - most would say that's the end of the story. But wait... a couple years later, heavily in my nü metal phase (gimme a break it was 1999!), I went to check out Slipknot at D.C.'s 9:30 Club. Opening bands were Kittie (shit, they were probably 15 at the time), Will Haven (precursor to the amazing - and sadly R.I.P. - Abominable Iron Sloth) and some weird rap rock band called Wolfpac. They were terrible but hilarious, I couldn't understand a fucking word they sang but the grooves seemed interesting enough so I grabbed a CD and a t-shirt for the fuck of it. The shirt suckered me in with a big J. Geils-esque hand print on the back over the classic caption "It Ain't Rape If It's Dead." And the album was Somthin Wicked This Way Comes. Imagine Insane Clown Posse a little less gay, way more underproduced and you'll get the idea. It's still kinda cheesy but less tongue in cheek - "Death Becomes Her" is the real standout. And the "Humpty Dance" cover screams old school Bloodhound Gang, shit it coulda been an outtake from Fingers. Evidently the band re-released all these tracks (re-recorded?) on their Evil Is... album but I never cared enough to check it out. Checking out Wolfpac's wikipedia page it seems they eventually teamed up with ICP ('natch) for a bunch of tours and even got their fingers into the porn biz. And who said there was no future in horrorcore? P.S. I sold the shirt on eBay a couple years back for a shitload - who woulda thunk?

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