Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Death + Destruction + Disruption

On account of the fact 'Genocide seems to be turning into the GG Allin blog, I figure I'll just go with the flow and stay on the scumfuckin' wagon. Since my last post I got a couple requests for Allin's seminal You'll Never Tame Me. My clear favorite of all his albums, I waxed on appropriately enough about it last week to keep this post short. Ripped from an original cassette sent to me by the man himself; its got all the tape hiss and excess treble you can stand. Call it an early Xmas gift. Enjoy!

7/30/14 update: Brand-new rip of my cassette - while there's not a whole lot I can do to clean it up I adjusted levels somewhat and made it a bit more scumfuckin' sludgy. Sounds as good as it probably ever will...

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Anonymous said...

Are you able to re-upload this?
The file on the zippyshare server is expired and isn't available anymore.

winston95 said...

Uploading as I write. Enjoy.