Thursday, December 20, 2012

Where's the goddamn drum machine?!?!

Shitty fucking night. Fucking stupid waste-of-my-fucking-time garage band has finally broken up. Fucking band rehearsal was a disaster tonight and the shit that's been building up for months finally exploded. I'm fucking done with the fucking pissing and moaning about "direction" when no one can agree on a fucking song or style to play to. I'm tired of lead singer syndrome and especially tired of big pick syndrome... especially when outside of our tiny rehearsal space no one cares about our loser fucking band. I'm fucking glad it erupted and ended - I'd rather spend the time recording my own shit then sitting behind the drums for 4 hours each week while clowns discuss what frequency they should tune at. We're playing fucking hardcore!?! Who gives a fucking motherfuck about your fucking harmonic tuning!?!? Ugh. Anyways, enough of my vitriol. If you're a fan of Bungle it's probably because you're a fan of Faith No More and got to a point after the release of The Real Thing where you were like "where did this Mike Patton guy come from?" Here's the last demo from the band that stuck together through thick and thin. Meaning, their charismatic lead singer joined another band and scored a top ten song which let him sign his old band to the same record label and then the rest is history...

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