Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Sensei! No Sensei!

Wicked awesome party band from Massachusetts. Their 2005 eponymous debut has been a staple at nearly every Memorial Day party I've thrown for the last six or seven years. It's completely retarded and lifts a shitload from similar bands like Zebrahead and 311 but c'mon who at your pathetic shindig isn't going to dig "Dojo" where the chorus lifts Kreese's dialogue word-for-word from Karate Kid. And weirdly, "Balls Vagina" always is a hit. I guess I gotta start getting a cooler group of friends. Anyways, I was actually in touch with the guys in the band a few years ago and they were cool as shit. Just sent me a ton of swag like I was their only fan in the world - I guess it was nice to hear someone finally say they didn't suck. They just got a bandcamp page with a new(ish) recording from 2012 - glad to hear the new tune guys - go fucking Patriots.

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