Monday, May 12, 2014

Octagon IV

Aaahhh... the final (?) chapter in the Dr. Octagon quadrilogy - a direct response to the hack-and-slash production of The Return Of... a year before. With original Dooom producer KutMasta Kurt back at the helm, Kool Keith resurrects his other psychotic surgeon to finally "put the clamp" on his alter ego and be done with the strange mess the Dr. Octagon character created. The introspective "R.I.P. Dr. Octagon" isn't some token hip-hop song, it's a completely pissed-off dismissal of the whole persona tinged with anger, regret and general fucking irritation at the music industry. It's direct and to the point, Keith unapologetically drops names and labels with a refreshing snicker. He's just as surprised to see the monster he created and only happy enough to kill him off - the recording of Dr. Dooom 2 must have been insanely cathartic. As far as the other music on the album, it picks up right where First Come, First Served left off, minimalist downbeats accompanying sweetly gruesome rhymes. The themes are familiar: the stalker anthem "I Followed You", murder, violence, shitty deadbeat life in the ghetto, you name it. There's a humorous intro entitled "Simon" as well, a scathing attack on American Idol and its cocksure ringleader. I'd love to see someone try to qualify next season with that...

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