Sunday, May 4, 2014

Verbal Message

Y'know, I never really got that in to 3rd Bass. Sure I pulled my Caucasian duty by buying The Cactus Cee/D when it dropped and did legitimately like "Gas Face" (thanks to the sweet lyrics from KMD's Zev Love X) and even "Steppin' To The A.M." to an extent (more due to the beats than the so-so lyrics) but all in all it wasn't really that great. "Brooklyn Queens"?!? Puke. Style-wise I really dug Prime Minister Pete Nice, M.C. Serch tended to get on my nerves - he was just too goofy and came off as sort of a dork. So when the Brooklyn duo eventually parted ways, I figured that was that, another failed white boy rap experiment bites the dust. M.C. Serch went ahead and released his forgettable solo effort Return Of The Product (solely notable for the pretty solid "Back To The Grill) while Pete Nice teamed up with 3rd Bass DJ Daddy Rich to produce Dust To Dust a year later. And what a surprise - a sadly underrated, fucking awesome album that clearly shows who the weak link of 3rd Bass was. The beats are solid - nearly every song is catchy in that stand-up bass House Of Pain Same As It Ever Was style. The record has a pretty dark vibe to it as well - a welcome change from the silliness of their previous band. Other than the token filler tracks (standard rap protocol for 1993) it is easily the best overall album any of the 3rd Bass guys were involved with. After the unjustafiably tepid response to the record, Nice went to Boston to open a fucking sweet ass sports bar in Boston with the Dropkick Murphy's bassist. Fuck yeah.

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Pete said...

Yes this is a pretty good CD. Featuring a young Beatnuts on some of the production too.