Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tomahawk Slang

It must have been weird being the second fiddle in a 90's Soul Assassins band after their initial breakout album - so many of those groups had such an overwhelming personality at the forefront - the quickly secondary Garfunkels in the posse must have sucked it up with a "shut up and cash the paycheck while this lasts" mentality. Look at House Of Pain. Danny Boy doesn't even appear in half the songs on Same It As Ever Was - and the opener "Back From The Dead" is clearly Everlast's step towards a solo career. Same with Cypress Hill. Once they hit Black Sunday can you think of one Cypress song that Sen Dog has a prominent part? Yeah he says "Insane in the brain" and shit in the background a lot but to me there is a noticeably strange lack of input. Next case study we have the second Funkdoobiest album - 1995's Brothas Doobie. Benchwarmer Tomahawk Funk appears in only four of the fucking twelve songs (I'm not counting the gay-ass "interlude") on the album - twenty-fucking-five percent. I hope Son Doobie made a note of that for his royalty checks. Well, enough of my soapbox. Funkdoobiest's sophomore release is my favorite album from the band - thanks to Son Doobie's amazing skills - "XXX Funk" and "Lost In Thought" are easy faves but amazingly the underdog "Tomahawk Bang" is the highlight of the album. Man - the fattest beat and coolest groove is wasted on Tomahawk Funk (and some no-name named Sebastain Rousett - don't get me wrong, he's a fucking solid rapper but I just don't know who the fuck he is). Sorry T.F., but the first time I heard this song I sat with baited breath waiting for Son to break in with his verse. Oh well, Brothas Doobie is still an awesome fucking album and great kick back to the days I was dating a chick from Maine whose weird veggie-dog granola mom cultivated her own über-pungent hydroponic weed. Actually, I barely remember anything from those days...

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