Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You Guys Hungry?

Here is the famous "lost" record by producer extraordinaire Dick Urine (a.k.a. Richard Yorun) whose claim to fame was producing the early records by a young and confused New Hampshire punker named GG Allin with his band the Scumfucs. After Yorun was killed in a mysterious motorcycle accident in 1987, GG (along with Black & Blue Records owner Peter Yarmouth) unearthed a bunch of forgotten recordings by the deceased producer. Evidently the guy spent the time recording his own music while sitting around in rented studios waiting for his bands to show up. Assembling a motley crew of musicians (including such Rhode Island legends as Jimmy V. Hendricks and Billy "Gee" Goodman on guitar), Yorun recorded nearly a dozen "solo" tracks through the years. GG himself wasn't above contributing some drums to the sessions but don't expect too much - the most all Geeg did was program a tinny drum machine. So how does it all sound? Well, at best it's a strange, snarky slab of lounge music toilet rock. It's not as offensive as some of the song titles may lead you to believe and kinda comes off sounding like a bastard (and less funny) version of "Weird" Al Yankovic. The music is terribly digital - overdubbed guitars straight through the effects processor on top of a drum machine. Yorun fancied himself a crooner and really sings his heart out - unfortunately his vocals can get a trite annoying. The lyrics may raise a dry smile but aren't all that funny, especially if you were expecting some GG-esque filth. Of course the whole record is a tongue-in-cheek excuse for a producer to be the musician he always wanted to be - when someone credits himself as "Vocals & Triangle" you should know what you're in for. There was talk of making a scratch and sniff cover, thankfully it didn't come to that. Enjoy.

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