Friday, December 19, 2014

I'm Gonna Strangle You...

After a long 3+ year hiatus, 2003's Murder Metal was a welcome return by the elusive Chicago serial-killer death metal trio Macabre. Back to the roots they sowed on Sinister Slaughter, each song on Metal showcases a particular rogue from the annals of criminal history, presented with glorious tongue-in-cheek aplomb. Amazingly produced, this record still holds the record for being the loudest CD in my collection. I can be playing anything at normal volume - switch CDs to this one and it's fucking blasting. As far as the music, while not quite as witty as 2000's epic Dahmer it's still got enough of a sick-ass sense of humor and ridiculously heavy riffage to destroy your brain. The Jerry Brunos "Fatal Foot Fetish" track is probably my favorite Macabre song ever; an incredible double-bass drum assault that I could simply listen to forever. As I've posited before, Nefarious is easily the best fucking drummer out there today - he routinely makes the craziest shit seem effortless. It's weird, I always picture Macabre as a bunch of guys working the blue-collar 9-to-5 at the local Midas or UPS; their co-workers completely oblivious to the fact that the long-haired guys down the hall in shipping are unbelievable musicians who have forever carved their own niche in the death metal world. Enjoy.

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