Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ole Gravy Leg

Banking a sharp 180º degree turn from last post comes a solid slab of lo-fi dirge metal from obscure Erie, PA sludgers Village Of Dead Roads. Allegedly recorded in one live take, their debut full-length trudges along like a drunken rhino; slow and repetitive yet still managing to pull off some really inspired moments. The sluggish breakdowns in "Blind Albino" (slickly overdubbed with some bad-ass obscure movie samples - Bad Lieutenant maybe?) are completely addictive and could happily go on forever. My favorite track is "Ole Gravy Leg" - a song that totally fulfilled my expectations the first time I heard it. The riffage, brutal outro breakdown... everything fits to an absolute tee. Almost a perfect song. My only complaint with Dwelling In Doubt are the way-too-many "skit" tracks of noise-ish nonsense. Just get with the fucking music motherfuckers. Enjoy.

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The L-RV said...

Nice - I forgot how good this record is!
Thanks for the reminder...