Friday, May 22, 2015

Broken Lung II

Is there really anything more to say other than this band is without a doubt the second incarnation of Abominable Iron Sloth? While there are some subtle differences (mainly in the vocals), I can't help but be reminded of "I Am Your Carcass" while listening to this excellent slab of sludgecore. Pounding, sluggish downtuned metal to destroy. There are some slight stoner/Southern sludge-esque influences, especially in "There Was A Bloodbath" and "Take Back The Hive" to keep it interesting but make no mistake, this is textbook chugging riffage here. For those who care, the band is busy putting finishing touches on their second album (preview track here) and I posted a couple demo tracks from this LP a few years ago. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

haven't heard these guys before but goddamn if they are even a fraction as great as Abominable Iron Sloth i will be extremely happy.

speaking of AIS,
is that dude out of jail?

winston95 said...

Hogslayer are solid - I think you will enjoy them.

Who knows about Justin - I've haven't heard anything about him since his big arrest and that was like 4 years ago. I think he was disbanding AIS at the time though anyway - I seem to remember he launched a new bandpage right after "Id" came out. The new band (I think it was him alone) was very generic rock sounding and very disappointing.

winston95 said...

Check this out - just came from AIS's facebook page:

"So I've been in the Napa State Asylum the last few years. A physician's assistant gave me over a dozen medications for a disease I didn't have (malaria) and it turns out that a couple of them are well known to cause a psychotic reaction, especially when combined in doses 3x the FDA recommended limit. I didn't eat magic mushrooms, as people seem to think. So stay away from Lariam if you're ever in a country where Malaria is present. I'm not mentally ill, though I am a bit traumatized from the whole experience. I'm terribly sorry for everything that happened. Beyond the expression of words. Thanks for your support. I'll get back to music when I'm allowed by the courts, but for now I think they would see heavy metal as a symptom of mental illness, and I'm non-eager to return to the asylum.
In the meantime I'm returning to school to pursue a Ph.D. I feel a need to grow a lotus or two from all this mud.
Take care and thank you,
Justin Godfrey"

No shit, huh?

Anonymous said...

wow haha that is actually a fairly happy ending. good for him. although it is a bit vague as to why a physicians asst gave him drugs for malaria. As far as I know malaria is not very prevalent in the Sacto area:)

but yeah good call on the Hogslayer. i'm digging it. although most of the stuff you post i find i enjoy so that's no surprise.

Anonymous said...

I'm really really chuffed that a similarity is seen with this hs release and ais, as I was the main song writer and my inspiration was ais.
I absolutely love ais and no one has seen the influence till now. Thanks.

winston95 said...

Man, you got it. Thanks for the awesome record and absolutely looking forward to the new material!