Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ted, Just Admit It...

I thought I'd switch gears real quick and upload what I feel is a rather important piece of out-of-print literature - the 1981 biography by Ted Bundy's ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer. Under the pseudonym Elizabeth Kendall (she was also known as Beth Archer or Meg Anders) she writes an absolutely compelling diatribe about living with someone who was at the time brutally murdering innocent women while appearing as an absolute snapshot of normalcy. He's as insecure and flawed as any of us - likes Mickey's malt liquor of all things! The book follows their relationship through the 1976 Utah trial for Carol DaRonch's attempted kidnapping and ends with some sporadic contact after his escape to Florida. Kloepfer is incredibly honest - her struggles with alcohol alone are almost worthy of a novel - much less living with a serial killer. Essential reading. I also included an audio recording of Ted Bundy's Fatal Addiction interview with evangelist James Dobson the day before his execution, January 23, 1989. Ted is annoyingly self-serving and indirectly absolves himself under the guise of blaming pornography and slasher movies for his actions. Yeah, I know he is scared of dying in 24 hours but have some self respect and take some ownership for shit's sake. There's a great moment where a phone rings in the background and he pauses. Nope, it's not the governor motherfucker, execution is still on schedule. He doesn't answer any specific murder questions - primarily 12-year old Kim Leach which is frustrating (he claims he "can't really talk about that right now") which would have satisfied the whole reason for the interview - instead he kind of tries to make it seem like the pain is a burden he's carrying. Fucked up shit. Enjoy.

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