Friday, April 9, 2010

One band down... One to go

I don't know why I didn't post Corrupted's half of the split CD with Noothgrush when I did so for the latter. Probably because I'm lazy and wanted to milk out two posts, who knows. Regardless, Corrupted's two songs perfectly epitomize the reclusive band's dedication to heavy, sluggish sludge. "Inactive" is a twenty-minute epic of doom while "Estar En Visperas De Ultima" is a tight five minutes of pounding grimness. There is little to report about these Japanese sludge gods as they shun the media and rarely play outside California in the U.S. Per the band themselves:

"We've never done an interview and we don't let professional photographers take our picture. This is our policy—more an attitude—that we'd like to keep. Our expression of being Corrupted is in the sound, lyrics and artwork of our records. Of course, we always appreciate the people who buy our records, see us play and support us along with the fanzines, labels, distributors and event planners. We do not reject all media, or bash writers who express themselves through articles or reviews. All are free and it's only through our personal expression of using the media that we exclude interviews."

The band's sound is characterized by slow, down-tuned riffs under deep layers of feedback. The vocals are harsh, guttural grunts, and the music alternates between long instrumental and vocal sections pounding on for what seems almost monotonous. They have been described by Grooveshark as "some of the heaviest, gloomiest doom/sludge around... layering feedback-pulverizing progressions into a distinctly cacophonous rumble." Surprisingly however, they occasionally engage long acoustic sections, spoken-word interludes, and other breaks into their traditionally sludgey style. 2005's El Mundo Frio is a 72-minute dirge containing extensive sections of harp(!). Regardless of the song or the instrument, Corrupted lets their music speak for themselves. It is dark, dirty doom that ranges from ambient minimalism to riff heavy sludge. Their influence is as huge as their sound. Enjoy.

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