Saturday, January 23, 2010

There's A Wocket In My Pocket!

Formed in early 1994 around San Jose, California, Noothgrush is widely regarded by the few who know about them as one of the watershed West Coast sludge bands. Music aside, the fact that they reference Star Wars more than Kevin Smith (two demos named 8D8 and Kashyyyk with songs like "Jundland Wastes" and "Dianoga") - and they do it with a straight face - is huge to a sci-fi dork like me. Unfortunately Noothgrush went on a hiatus in 2001 to bury their old repertoire of songs and create new material. They briefly resurfaced in 2006, but have now officially called it quits. Too bad. Of their large 7" discography, this split CD with Corrupted is definitely my favorite. Heavy, slow slabs of sludge which ooze along like an oil spill - awesome stuff.

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