Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I AM the stallion, mang!

Ween is one of those ridiculously huge bands that eschews the Billboard Top 100, MTV, Grammys, etc. and instead exists as an institution of its own. Their sound? They sound like.... well.... Ween. Disparagingly compared by some to past acts as the Grateful Dead and Phish (more likely due to their perpetual touring then their actual music), such an association is a real disservice to the brothers of Boognish. Not only are they better musicians then the aforementioned clones; but they are bolder, more diverse, and, in a nutshell, more fun. What band, after grinding it out in the Trenton trenches for a decade, would follow up their cusp-of-a-mainstream-hit "college radio" album Chocolate And Cheese (1994) with 12 Golden Country Greats (1996); a true, legitimate country album that both alienated old yet attracted new fans?? Elektra Records didn't think so either and dropped them soon after. Ween are the ultimate "working guy" band; cool, approachable musicians who are the absolute antithesis of the typical rock star. They play for their fans and themselves. They earn enough to stay on tour and feed the family. Who could ask for more after 25+ years? Vegetable Soup is an internet series of compilation albums culled together from the millions of mp3's Ween has floating around the Web. Volume 3 touches on some of their collaborative work with Frente! and the Kostars - definitely worth a listen. Unfortunately the kbps are a little thin on some of these but you'll still feel the love. Ween has earned their diehard legion of fans - time to join the fucking bandwagon bitch.

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