Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Utter despair

Part of the burgeoning cult of mega-slow metal bands falling somewhere in between sludge and funeral doom, with a nod to the style bands like Grief pioneered in the early 90's; Otesanek take it a step further, slowing the pace even more painfully to such a level that at some point it must be deemed "drone doom". Otesanek are certainly champions of the style, on the eponymous CD above they degrade it to the slowest pace possible and deliver churning, heavy, sluggish shit; so slow and ponderous a 40-minute album fits but two songs. The drums plod along, primitively smashing near random beats. The vocals trade off growls, gurgles, and screams. The guitars are downtuned, filthy sludge riffs. It is bleak, miserable minimalism at its best. (thanks to stonetotem for review notes and Sludge Swamp (who else?) for the link).

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