Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beer Is Good.... And Stuff!

A LOT better then you'd think it would be, Psychostick's surprisingly heavy album blows most of its fellow "humor-core" competition waaaaaay out of the water. Anthrax, M.O.D., Green Jellö, Scatterbrain and Ugly Kid Joe are the best comparisons I can come up with and they all suck compared to this. You may remember the band from their viral video for "BEER!!!" that floated around the web a couple years ago, it was pretty funny, pretty heavy, and I think everyone (myself included) was surprised when we realized there was an actual band with an album behind it. Yeah, the skits get a little long at times (and some of the humorous banter is probably staged) but tracks like "Two Ton Paperweight" and "ABCDeath" are real standouts. Check it out (along with their new album Sandwich) - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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