Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bizarra Locomotiva


Is this album really that great??? No, not these days when any 14-year old Alain Jourgensen wannabe can make a techno/metal album with his iPhone's GarageBand app in English class. But back in '97 when Fatboy Slim was still programming "Gangsta Boogie", Hellsau spewed their KMFDM-ish elecrothrash out of Bern, Switzerland; a conglomeration of ex-Swamp Terrorists STR (vocals and sampling), Ane Hebeisen (vocals), DJ Killroy (programming) and Bruno S (guitars). Yeah, yeah, I know, after 40 or so minutes it gets a bit repetitive but who gives a shit; over a decade later it's still heavy, still mean, and still what Fear Factory was probably trying to live up to when they recorded Demanufacture.

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