Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Popular Favorite


In case you've been living in a cave since 1967, guitar god Jimi Hendrix was a prolific artist who loved to jam, often appearing unannounced at impromptu shows with any number of musicians. For better or for worse there was usually someone recording these shows, some sounding better than others, and most found their way into the $1-cassette bootleg market bins at your local Exxon with such garish titles as The Ultimate Live Collection, Historic Performances and this... The Best Of & The Rest Of Jimi Hendrix. Really? How come I've never heard of "Uranus Rock" if it's one of his best? In reality, this recording spawns from NYC's Scene Club and was recorded March 18, 1968. Players are believed to be Jimi Hendrix (guitar/vocals), Lester Chambers (harp), two unknown guitarists, unknown bass and unknown drums (some of these may or may not have been members of The McCoys or The Young Rascals, but neither Johnny Winter nor Rick Derringer were among them). The notoriety of the jam session (and why it's probably persisted for so long given its poor quality) is the joining of Hendrix on stage by Jim Morrison for backup vocals. Grabbing an open mike and contributing a growling, drunken, obscenity-laden performance, Morrison proceeds to piss off most of the audience (and supposedly Hendrix himself); especially with the classic "Morrison's Lament" (a.k.a. the "Fuck Her In The Ass" song). Well worth a listen just for that, one of the more bizarre musical pairings in rock 'n' roll legend history. There are rumors that Janis Joplin was also there trying to make an open-mouthed dive for Jimi's member but you can track down that speculation yourself...

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