Thursday, January 28, 2010

3-Input Woman

Oh man, where to begin when trying to describe Pennsylvania's 3-Input Woman when it's hard to find anything acknowledging their very existence across the internet? From what little info is out there, it appears they were Jesse Kling (guitar), Tim Kratz (vocals/drums), and either Lou Ceccoli or Glenn Sykes (ex-General Surgery, Regurgitate) on bass. Or maybe both, who knows. What I do remember is downloading a bunch of mp3's in all their 24 kbps glory from some "band site" back in 2001. Roughly rehearsed, roughly recorded and generally rough to listen to (turn down that treble guys, I mean c'mon!!!), the tracks are pure gold. Raw and pounding with a groovy "gestapo stomp" to boot, with song titles in the humorous "let's-just-piss-off-everyone" style Anal Cunt made popular a few years earlier. Supposedly a bunch of the band went on to create the Pennsylvania Connection, equally offensive (and obscure) scumrock purveyors. If they sound anything like this, they are definitely on my want list. But for now, check out these (demo?) tracks and bask in their hateful, heretical, hilarious greatness, still as ear-piercing as they were a decade ago.

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